Claudia, Founder / owner / designer
I am happy every day about my enormous happiness that I was able to successfully turn my hobby into my profession. :-)!


Dirk, Managing director / owner
Dirk, my beloved husband since 15 years, keeps everything administrative from my neck and I'm very grateful to him for that!
Robert, Head of Sales
With relevant prior knowledge from relevant activities, among others at Saturn and in Berlin Zoo, Robert is expanding our expertise in sales, shipping, goods maintenance and customer service
Jana, Shipping / customer service
With a lot of experience, discipline and reliability as well as her very cheerful, friendly and helpful personality, Jana strengthens us excellently in shipping, customer communication and many other important things.
Katja, Production
Katja is a trained dental technician. She has a keen eye and is very skilled with the delicate work of making my jewelry. I really appreciate your care and attention.
Monika, Accounting
With the many daily payments, the bills for raw materials, from all corners of the world, and so much more with numbers, taxes, etc., one cannot emphasize Monika's importance for the company enough


Ray, Boss


What can I say? ;-) :-).